Welcome to beautiful Milano. We got a chance to visit this amazing city during the winter months, so it was EXTREMELY cold, but the views were worth freezing your ass off for when wandering the city. The architecture here is incredible, especially the Duomo Cathedral. I have never felt so small when standing in front of something so magnificent.

Hold onto your purses when walking around though, because there are quite a few scammers that tend to prey on tourists. Let me give you an example.

As we were hanging out around the Duomo, there were many pigeons in the area. A person randomly came up to me and handed me a handful of bird food, which resulted to the birds flocking over to me and feeding from my hands. Seems innocent right? No. Right afterwards, the guy started to demand a stupid amount of money for the bird food, and when we told him we didn't have any, we saw his "boys" start to approach us. The last thing we wanted were any kind of problems or having our expensive camera stolen from us, so we forked over the money and walked away. As much as it ruined our mood in that particular instant, at least it made for a cool photo opportunity. You live and you learn I guess. We were much more cautious after that, I can tell you that much.

Enough with the bad experiences, let's focus on something a bit more positive, like food. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to visit the bakeries and get your hands on some cannolis. They're pastries filled with a sweet, creamy filling inside, and they're delicious! And you can't forget about having a slice or 3 of some authentic Italian pizza. Mmmmm, delizioso!

We also had a chance to check out some of the nightlife in Milan. After hitting up a couple bars, we hit up the nearest club and danced the night away.

It was one of the best nights of my life, and I didn't want it to end.

The music, the vibes, the the entire ambiance was great. Oh and ladies, if you're single and ready to mingle, let me just say there is a lot of eye candy out there for you if you know what I mean. ;)

Check out the vlog from our trip HERE

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