And welcome to the Netherlands. Amsterdam in particular. Although the native language here is Dutch, most locals can speak English, and they speak it quite well, so it's not as scary if you're traveling overseas for the first time.

Amsterdam will always have a special place in my heart simply because this is where "the proposal" happened. Have you ever gone to a new place and instantly felt like it was home? That's exactly how I felt here.

Out of all of the places we've been to, I feel like the locals here were the most chill. Maybe it's because of all of the cannabis in the air that's got everybody all relaxed (weed is legal here), but hey, I'm not one to judge.

You know how major cities normally have some kind of coffee shop on every corner? Well, so does Amsterdam. Except it's probably not the coffee shop you're imagining, but rather one where you go in some weed and smoke a joint or two.

There's also the Red Light District, aka the whore houses. It's basically an area filled with sex shops, sex theatres, sex museums, cannabis museums, and more coffee shops that sell marijuana. And you can't forget the main attraction-the prostitutes.

If I'm going to be honest, it was quite sad and disgusting to see men of all ages drooling over these girls in the windows. 

And did you know that prostitutes actually turn men away at the door if they aren't into them? 

How bow dat?

Anyways, while we were here (Amsterdam in general, not the Red Light District lol), we had a chance to visit the Heineken Brewery, see how the beer was made, and actually taste fresh beer (you can really taste the difference between fresh beer and beer that's been exported overseas).

We also got to customize our own beer bottle, filled with Heineken beer straight from the brewery, which we still haven't opened till this day.

Shopping around was great as well. Even the souvenir shops were fascinating. Granted the souvenirs were mostly weed, red light district, dick, or boob related (I can't forget the clogs as well), but it was pretty entertaining to look at. We even got some interesting mugs to take home as well. ;)

Check out the vlog from our trip HERE

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