Limited Edition Sakura Beer In Japan

My absolute favorite time of year in Japan is Spring. The weather finally starts to warm up, and that means Sakura EVERYTHING begins to pop up all over Japan. I mean, even though as I'm writing this it's still cold, and there's still snow on the ground (no sakura blooming yet :/), slowly Sakura decorations are creeping their way into stores, and Sakura flavored foods and drinks are being released. HALLELUJERRRRR!

Now, as you may know, I'm quite the fan of flavored Belgian beer, BUT HAVE YOU EVER TRIED FLAVORED JAPANESE BEER THOUGH?!

Best I ever had. Not even exaggerating.

And can we talk about the packaging for a second???


Although there are many, many flavors of Japanese beer, allow me to introduce these three in particular for right now: Strawberry, Cherry, and Cherry Peach.

They are from the popular Japanese brand Suntory, and have a 4% alcohol content.

Honestly, they taste more like a delicious, sparkling cider/soda. The flavors are so rich and crisp, and in my opinion, they don't taste like artificial syrup at all, but more like the actual fruit.

If you get a chance, you better get your hands on these while you can, because they won't stick around forever, and you might have to wait until next year to have them again if you miss out.

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