"A" Is For Aomori And Apples

Japan is made up of 9 Regions and 47 Prefectures. One of those prefectures is Aomori, and that just so happens to be the one that we reside in.

Each prefecture has something that it is known for, and Aomori in particular is famous for its delicious apples.

This means that you can literally find apple flavored anything here- from cakes, to breads, to daifuku (mochi), to the best apple juice you'll ever have, you name it.

After our onsen session, we decided to browse the little gift shop to see if there was anything new that we could try.

The things that caught our attention was this apple cheesecake and apple pies (I had to get the pies because I had been craving some like no one's business).

The pies were really good. The bread was extremely soft and almost melted in your mouth. They had a very homemade taste to them. I'm sure had I heated them up a bit, they would have tasted that much better.

What I really liked about the cheesecake is that each piece was packaged separately, meaning you didn't have to eat the entire thing in one sitting for fear of it going bad.

You could also easily toss a piece into your bag for a snack if you're on the go without having to worry about a mess.

What surprised me was that it didn't taste like an actual creamy cheesecake.

It was more like a banana bread, only with apples.

It was still pretty tasty, and it was nice to indulge in a dessert that wasn't overly sweet.

Meaning you don't feel sick afterwards if you accidentally eat one too many pieces haha.

Not to mention, if there's any place in the world that puts effort into packaging and presentation, it's Japan, and I really appreciate that.

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