What Is Gopnik (го́пник) Fashion?

So you might be asking, "What in the world is Gopnik, and what does it mean?"

Gopnik (gopnitsa for female) is a term used to describe a particular sub culture in Eastern Europe. It actually refers to aggressive young men and women who grew up poor and uneducated.

I guess "lower class" would be a more appropriate term.

Now if you know anything about Russians, or Eastern Europeans in general, it's that they love their track suits. Specifically the Adidas brand.

Don't ask me why Adidas is so popular in this part of the world, it just is.

They've also perfected the infamous "Slavic Squat" (adopted from prisoners). You will often find them in this pose when they're being photographed, or when they're all just simply hanging out.

Often times, they will wear Adidas tracksuit replicas if they can't afford the real thing, paired with a cap. When it gets too cold, they'll throw on a leather jacket and a beanie.

It seems that this Post-Soviet trend has really caught on in the rest of the world, and tracksuits and other sporty chic fashion trends in general has made a huge comeback.

And you know what?

Being Slavic myself, I'm not even mad at it.

Nothing like being comfortable AND stylish!

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