Parisian Chic

Growing up, I loved dressing up and getting to wear all sorts of heels, dresses, and skirts.

In fact, I was ALWAYS dressing up until I moved overseas.

Nowadays I don't get very many opportunities to bust out my dressier attire, so when I do get that chance, let's just say it feels nice to feel like a lady again.

The simplicity of this outfit made me feel very Parisian and very chic. As always, I like to stick to a pretty monochromatic color scheme.

The key to looking "Parisian" when picking out an outfit is going for some nice basics, classics, and not over killing an outfit with too many accessories.

Since my outfit was all black, I decided to pair it with a thick, red floral choker to give it that pop of color and extra little "wow" factor.

Choker aside, the tulle skirt with the little pearl details was probably my favorite piece out of the entire outfit.

I decided to pair the sheer chiffon top with a nude bodysuit and threw on some fishnets to create this illusion of being able to show some skin, without revealing too much and still remaining elegant and classy.

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