Why Eastern Europeans Never Smile

If you've ever gone to Europe, especially Eastern Europe, or if you've encountered Slavs in general, you might notice that they seldomly smile.

In fact, our RBF (resting bitch face) is quite strong.

Are we always pissed off, or are we really just that unhappy?

My entire life growing up, and even now I was always asked the following questions:

"What's wrong?"

"Is everything OK?"

"Why are you mad?"

"Did I piss you off?"

"Why do you look unhappy"

"Why don't you ever smile?"

My answer?

"No I'm not mad, but ask me a few more times and I will be..."

The truth is, we just don't like to show our emotions, especially to random strangers.

We actually think you might be crazy if you're always smiling.

When we do laugh or smile though, chances are it'll always be sincere and not fake.

First impressions, people always think we're cold and heartless, when in reality, it's actually the complete opposite.

We love hard, and we're very caring to the people that are close to us.

Those that are in our inner circles are the ones that see the laughing, smiling, happy side of us, and I personally think that that's a beautiful thing.

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