11 Step Korean Skincare Routine | Why You Should Invest In Luxury Skincare Instead Of Makeup

Why should you invest in luxury skincare instead of excessive amounts of expensive makeup?

This is a subject that is very dear to me, and something that I feel I really want to get off my chest and share with everyone.

I have a lot to say, so brace yourselves and get comfortable.

I always used to wonder why Asian people (especially Koreans) age so well and look so young, and why that wasn't really the case for Westerners.

The easiest answer? Oh it's just genetics.

Is it really though?

After many years of research, observation, and experimentation, here is my verdict:


  • Heavily focus on skincare more than makeup.

  • Avoid tanning and try to cover up as much as possible to avoid sun damage.

  • Generally have a healthier diet that includes a wide variety of fermented/probiotic foods


  • Focus more on heavy makeup instead of skincare.

  • Tan more and don't take as much caution when out in the sun.

  • Diet is a lot more "unhealthy" compared to Asian diet.

All of these key points play a role in how well you age. Now let me back track a little and share my experience with you first.

I first seriously got into skincare when I was around 21-22 years old.

My only regret is not starting younger.

Many people seem to have the misconception that they don't need skincare if they're young. They only will consider using it once they start to develop wrinkles or begin having problems with their skin, and by that point, it's too late.

The whole point of getting into a skincare routine at a younger age is to help slow down the aging process, and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

And by "skincare routine", I don't mean just applying a moisturizer that you got at

Wal-Mart before putting on makeup.

I get a lot of compliments from people, constantly telling me how I have such nice skin, and "I'm so lucky" blah blah blah.

When I proceed to tell them my "skincare secrets", how much money I've invested into skincare, and my disciplined routine that I do every day, the first thing they say is:

"I can't do that. It's too expensive, and it's too time consuming. I don't have time for that."

In my head I just think to myself

"if that's your mentality, then stop crying about your problematic skin."

Sounds harsh, I know, but it's the truth.

So many people are willing to spend $100 on a foundation, but not $100 on skincare.

By doing this, you're only temporarily masking the problem and potentially making it worse.

So they spend $70-$100 on foundation/concealer, and they're still unhappy saying the foundation sucks and it doesn't work for them because it creases and amplifies their fine lines, blah blah blah.

Unless you spend the rest of your life getting botox, it'll be a never ending cycle.

Constantly spending hundreds of dollars buying new makeup, and hoping to find something that "works."

Now take that same amount of money that you would spend on cosmetics, and invest it into quality/luxury skincare.

I promise you, over time you will see a change.

Also let me clarify that when I say "over time",

it doesn't mean just a month or two.

Months and years down the road of dedication and daily discipline, your skin will reap the benefits of your hard work, and you will see a difference.

Why am I so invested into Korean beauty products?

Because I know they work.

I find Western products just don't work as well for me, and I don't like them as much.

Once again, this is my personal preference.

What works for one person, won't work for another, so you have to find what's right for you.

Let me put it this way:

  • If you were trying to get your dream body, would you take advice from someone who's fit or someone who's not fit?

  • If you were looking to get rich, would you follow the advice of someone like Warren Buffet, or some average joe that's barely making it by?

  • If you wanted a successful marriage, would you take advice from someone who's been happily married for many years, or someone who can't keep a relationship?

Clearly whatever Korean people are doing works, and their products are much more innovative and advanced, so why wouldn't I follow what they're doing?

It's not uncommon to have a 10 step skincare routine in Korea.

(I added an extra step so technically 11 steps)

Do I personally always have 10 steps in my skincare routine on the daily?

I'd be lying if I said yes, because sometimes I get lazy, but I do make sure to do the bare minimum, which in my world, is at least 5-6 steps.

At least.

To make your life easier, let me break down what a 10 step skincare routine consists of:

1.) Removing all of your makeup.

I do this with micellar water, an oil based makeup remover, or makeup wipes

2.) Cleansing the face.

I follow up with a water based face wash to make sure that I have removed all of the dirt and impurities from my skin.

This is also referred to as double cleansing.


I typically exfoliate once a week, but depending on your skin's needs, you might be able to get away with doing it twice.

No more than that.

4.) Toner.

Toners help to balance your skin's pH levels.

I like to put it on my hands instead of a cotton pad, because I find it wastes less product.


Essence is like a mix between toner and serum, and really helps to hydrate and repair the skin.

I apply it the same way I do toner.


Treatments include serums and/or ampoules that target problem areas be it wrinkles, acne, pores, pigmentation, ect.


Be it a sheet mask or a wash off mask, you should do these at least 1-2x a week.

Sheet masks you could do every single day if you wanted to.

8.)Eye cream.

The eye area is very delicate, so you should never rub or pull on this area, but gently tap the product one. Eye creams tend to be a bit heavier to give you extra hydration.

Being diligent with eye creams will really help to minimize/prevent creasing when you apply your makeup.


Be it a serum, a gel, or a cream, put this on all over your face to help seal in all of the moisture.

10.) Sleep Masks.

I like to go in with a sleep mask 1-2x a week as the last step in my routine just for some extra hydration and moisture.


You should always apply this before you step outside. I get lazy with this step, so I make sure that the BB creams that I use already have 3-40SPF in them.

I know this sounds crazy to some of you, but once you get into this habit, you will never be able to go to bed without doing this, no matter how tired or lazy you feel.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about money.

"I can't afford to do this. It's too expensive."

True, it can get quite expensive, but where there's a will there's a way.

By no means am I saying to go broke and in debt because of skincare, that would be foolish, but instead re-evaluate your priorities.

If you're someone that's constantly spending $4-$6 on coffee everyday, maybe cut back a little, or just start making your own at home.

If you spend a bunch of money buying clothes, cut back a little.

If you're constantly spending money on alcohol or partying, cut back a little.

If you're constantly going to the movies (which can get pricey), cut back a little.

At the end of the day, it's all about what's more important to you.

Over time, I've really fallen in love with skincare, and have become quite passionate about it.

If given the choice between buying makeup or skincare, I'll choose skincare every time.

If you're curious as to what kind of products I personally use, feel free to watch the videos below:

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