Japan Ramen Box Review | Monthly Ramen Subscription

So I'm sure you've probably heard of makeup/beauty subscription boxes, but have you ever heard of

Ramen subscription boxes???

Ramen lovers rejoice, because you can now get unique Japanese ramen delivered straight to your door, and you don't even need to be in Japan for it!

Japan Ramen Box is a unique monthly subscription that features exclusive "Instant Ramen" directly to your door from Japan.

Each box includes 5-10

(depending on the box you choose)

various types of ramen that can only be

found in Japan.

It costs $19.90/Month and that includes

free shipping worldwide.

This is all of the ramen that I received in my box, and my husband and I already devoured it all.

A box like this one is great for people like me who always buy the same ramen from the store.

It forces me to try new flavors that maybe I typically wouldn't reach for.

Depending on my mood, sometimes I like to customize my ramen by adding in some of my favorite ingredients which typically include an egg, crab, corn, fresh green onions, and dumplings if I'm feeling extra hungry.

If you'd like to check out Japan Ramen Box for yourself, you can do so HERE.

You can also watch me tasting some of it in the video below:

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