Does Fanola No Yellow Shampoo Really Work? | Best Of Fanola Haircare

So a while back, I received the most amazing gift from my friends over at Fanola.

This is every blonde girls DREAM!

Ever since I saw Fanola No Yellow shampoo blowing up all over Instagram, I had been DYING (pun intended)

to get my hands on it.

I had no idea that they had so many amazing other products in their line,

and I can't wait to share them all with you.

This is going to be a lengthy post, so grab your favorite snacks and get comfortable.

First I want to talk about Fanola's cult product that everyone seems to be raving about:

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo.

Does it really work, and is it worth the price tag? These are the main questions

everyone seems to be asking.

Let me start off by saying, if your hair isn't already platinum, or a pale blonde, or silver/gray, then this isn't the product for you.

It does a great job at toning my hair, but as you can see, my hair is already quite light.

The shadow root that I had in my hair is quite a warm brown, and even after using Fanola No Yellow on it, it still remained the warm tone that it was, even though it was slightly bleached.

Does this imply that the shampoo doesn't work?


I've tried all sorts of purple shampoos over a number of years, and none of them would tone my "darker" hair, only the parts that were heavily bleached.

Purple shampoo is meant to counteract the unwanted yellow tones in your hair, whereas blue shampoo counteracts the orange tones.

I know Fanola has a "No Orange" shampoo as well,

and that's one I'd really love to try on my roots since they do have more orange than yellow tones.

I've seen a lot of people use Fanola No Yellow on hair that wasn't light enough, and then complain that the shampoo was a gimmick.

It only works on platinum, light blonde, or silver/gray hair.

Just something to keep in mind.

Next we have the Fanola No Yellow Hair Mask.

As you can see in the pump, it's quite dark and pigmented, and will stain your hands upon use.

They recommend using gloves to apply it,

but I didn't, and by the time I finished rinsing it out of my hair, my hands were fine.

This product is supposed to be applied after you wash and towel try your hair.

Apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse out.

Is this product nice to have in my hair care collection?


Is it really necessary to splurge on?

I would say no if you already have a good purple shampoo that works for you.

I don't use it every time I shampoo, but maybe like every few washes when my hair needs a little extra pick me up.

Next we have a restructuring shampoo and conditioner from Fanola's Nutricare line.

I had no idea they even had these at first, but I quickly fell in love with them.

They smell like dessert which I didn't expect.

Almost like a mix between tiramisu and creme brulee.

The smell alone is a reason I would buy these lol.

I typically alternate these with the No Yellow shampoo every other wash.

These products are enriched with Milk Proteins which help hydrate and nourish dry, weak,

and stressed aka damaged hair.

From the same Nutricare line, we have the Restructuring Hair Mask.

I like to use this product on the days that I wash my hair with purple shampoo.

No matter what brand of purple shampoo you use, it will always dry your hair out,

so a good conditioner is key.

After shampooing, I squeeze out as much water from my hair as I can, and put this on all over for a good five minutes before I rinse.

This mask also contains the same Milk Proteins as the shampoo/conditioner I previously mentioned and as promised, leaves my hair detangled after use.

All of my long bleached hair girls, I'm sure you know the struggle lol.

This next product has hands down

become my holy grail.

This is the Fiber Fix Bond Connector No.2,

and omg my hair felt like straight up silk

after using this.

The good news is that this product

isn't just for blondes.

Anyone who has bleached, colored, permed, or chemically straightened hair can use this.

The acid pH formula helps to lock in color, protect, and soothe hair.

Basically it's supposed to make your color be more vibrant and last longer, and stabilize your hair after any type of chemical service.

I can't vouch for the color part of it since I don't have any vibrant colors in my hair,

but I can vouch for how soft it made my hair feel.

Simply apply this product to towel dried hair over the lengths and ends, gently comb through, and then rinse after five minutes.

This is a must use product for me, especially after each salon visit

If your hair is bleached,

after care is extremely important.

Let me say it again for the people in the back. AFTER CARE IS CRUCIAL!

I always apply leave-in conditioners, serums, and hair oils to towel dried hair.

I focus mostly on my lengths and ends, and then run through my roots with whatever product

is left over on my hands.

As much as I love the Bond Connector, this Restructuring Fluid Crystals Serum is probably my favorite product out of the whole set. It has the most amazing floral scent, and is hands down the best smelling hair serum I've ever tried.

It's rich in Aloe Vera and Linseed Oil, and helps repair split ends, leaving hair soft and manageable.

This product is ideal for anyone who has curly, frizzy or permed hair.

If I could have a lifetime supply of anything from Fanola, it would be this serum.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the

Oro Therapy 24k Regenerating Fluid.

This is now officially the most luxurious

hair oil I own.

It's infused with diamonds and gold, leaving hair to be silky and shiny.

The scent reminds me of a faint Chanel No.5 perfume.

You only need the smallest amount of this product, and I like to use it as the last step of my hair care routine, and on days when my hair needs a bit of extra shine to it.

And that concludes my review.

Feel free to also check out my video review for more details:

Have you tried any of these before?

If not, which one of them would you like to try?


I am not getting paid to promote any of these products, nor am I making any money from the links. I genuinely like to link products whenever I can to make it easier for those who want to purchase them.

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