The Harsh Reality Of Traveling & Living Abroad

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

When I was younger, I always used to envy people who lived abroad and were constantly traveling to cool places all over the world.

If you would have told me in my younger years that I would become one of those people, I probably would have laughed in your face and called you crazy.

So is it as amazing as it looks in YouTube videos and in someone's Instagram feed?

Well, yes and no.

Traveling is a bit different than actually living abroad, because you know that after X amount of days, you will return back home to your comfort zone, and your life will go back to normal.

You will bring back with you some amazing

(or not so amazing)

memories, and maybe a souvenir or two that you will probably hold on to for the rest of your life to serve as reminder of that magical time.

You will taste food that you will never be able to enjoy again unless you're back in that place.

That in my opinion is a crime, and yes, food withdrawals do exist.

Ask me how I know...

But at the end of the day, food will be your biggest "problem" lol.


When you're traveling, you're never really in one place for long enough that you can call it home,

so it makes it that much easier to let go of over time because you sort of just...forget.

Although if you're anything like me, there is always that one place that you've been to that immediately felt like home


and no matter how much time has passed, you can never get it out of your head, and you're always longing to go back.

Living abroad however- well that's just a whole different story.

A place that might seem so magical to visit can become a nightmare when you decide to actually move your entire life there.

It's hard.

At least in the beginning it is.

Throwing yourself into a foreign culture, learning the do's and don'ts of it all...

Trying to figure out living situations, how renting works, buying a car, adjusting your taste buds to new foods, proper food etiquette, not having any friends or family around,

not being familiar with the streets when driving,

and not knowing the language on top of it all.

The list goes on and on.

Seems more of a nightmare than a dream right?

I still remember when we first moved to Japan.

Everything was completely foreign to me.

I remember being depressed the first few months and calling my mom everyday just

to have a familiar face to talk to.

I want to say it took a good six months to fully get comfortable and settled in and to really begin falling in love with Japan.

Over time we really made some amazing friends who became our second family out there, and next thing you know, it's time to pack up again.

Sure, I was super stoked to move to Italy, but that just meant starting the entire cycle all over again.

I had to mentally prepare myself to start all over.

It was after we moved here, that I realized how much of my heart I left back in Asia.

You end up eating shitty, overpriced sushi that will never compare to the real thing just to try and grasp and hold onto those memories and fill a void.

You go out to dinner with a bunch of people you either don't know or barely know and hold back tears because it's just not the same.

Even after being here in Italy for three months, we're still waiting on our furniture and other things to get delivered,

so our house is in shambles.

IDK about you, but it's almost not mentally possible to relax while living in an unorganized home.

I've heard from other people who have moved here that it took them about a year to fully get settled and start enjoying life and actually feeling like it's "home".

Honestly, they're probably right.

Once you get through that stage, you begin to really fall in love with where you're at.

You finally start to really feel like you belong.

I can honestly say,

that out of all the places we've moved to,

this place was by far the most

stressful and expensive.

I'm sure over time, I'll be able to look back at this post and laugh, but for now, a girl just wants to get her house in order.

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