Betty Boop X Ipsy October 2019 Glam Bag | Review & Swatches

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Hellur hellur hellur!

Ipsy has made some new updates and bumped up their prices a bit, so I'm here to spill the tea (and share what's in my October glam bag of course)!

So starting this month, Ipsy increased the regular glam bag from $10/mo to $12/mo.

I don't know if it's because of all of these collabs they started doing or what, but it is what it is.

The good news though, is that Ipsters can now pick one item

that they will be guaranteed to receive every month.

Originally, I assumed we would be able to pick out of everything that was offered,

however that is not the case my friends.

Ipsy picks out a set of 6-7 items, and you can only pick out of those.

So far from what I've noticed, they don't present the best of selections, but it's still kind of nice to be able to choose something.

Anywho, let's talk about the bag.

As you can probably tell, for the month of October Ipsy did a collab with Betty Boop.

Although I think the bag design is really cute,

I feel like they could have done without the sequins in the back.

Let's break down what's inside:


Out of the various Betty Boop products that were available, I got the

Be Cheeky Powder Blush in "All Dolled Up".

I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful this blush is.

It's almost like a duo chrome eyeshadow with gold reflects in it.

This product is limited edition, so I don't think it'll be available for purchase anywhere.

Betty Boop X Ipsy Be Cheeky Powder Blush "All Dolled Up"

The shade is described as a

golden peach shimmer,

and I'm excited to created a monochromatic look with it by using it

both on my eyes and cheeks.

(Retail Price: Unknown)


Next up is this lipstick from CONTEXT SKIN in the shade "Say Love".

It's basically like a my lips but better color.

This lipstick is infused with herbal extracts and rich botanical oils, so it's quite hydrating.

That being said, it's more creamy than matte, and it does transfer.

Although these photos are not filtered, they are taken in different lighting.

Also a sista isn't wearing any other makeup, so let's refrain from judging okurrrrrr.

It is quite comfortable on the lips and feels almost like a tinted balm.

(Retail Price: $20)

PRIVATE DOCTOR Define Minus Serum

So this was actually the product that I personally chose my bag this month.

I'm not going to lie, the pickings were a bit slim,

but after doing some research I knew I had to try this out.

The brand Private Doctor was actually created by Dr. Sang Hoon Park, who is the founder of a fancy dermatology clinic known as ID Hospital in Korea.

Here are the claims, and I quote:

  • "Infused with ID.SCULPT Technology, this formula helps to define and firm the appearance of skin immediately and over time."

  • "This serum literally takes the place of contouring—it helps to sculpt and contour your face, jaw, and neckline."

  • "Micro-tingling spicules help the formula absorb deep into your skin."

  • "Sodium deoxycholate helps smooth and define your skin texture."

  • "Antioxidant-rich turmeric root extract soothes, hydrates, and nourishes your skin. "

Umm, ya'll got any more where that came from? Because send them my way. kthanxbye.

(Retail Price: $49 for full size)

BENEFIT COSMETICS They're Real! Lengthening Mascara "Jet Black"

Next up is the infamous mascara They're Real! Mascara from Benefit that I'm sure many of us have tried and loved.

I remember first trying this out quite a few years ago, but at the time

I seemed to really like it.

Hopefully it's still as amazing as I thought it was back then.

(Retail Price: $13/mini size & $25/full size)


Last but not least is this leave-in conditioner from Marc Anthony.

I've tried a few of their products out already, and they're not bad.

I'm very religious when it comes to hair care and leave-in conditioners because I'm always bleaching my hair.

Although I typically prefer products that come in a spray/mist bottle, I'll still be bringing this along with me on my travels.

(Retail Price: $7.99 for full size)

BETTY BOOP X IPSY October Glam Bag 2019

And that concludes what's in this month's bag.

Overall, I would rate the bag a 4/5 this month.

If you're new to IPSY, it's a $12/month subscription service where you receive

5 beauty samples each month.

If you'd like to check out it out for yourself, you can do so HERE.

Are you subscribed to Ipsy?

If so, I'd love to know what you got in your bag!

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